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Our Approach


TwinVision merges sensors, IoT, mobile applications, augmented reality,
entertainment and sports. This mixture of new and existing technologies
creates opportunities that have never been available before in the generation
of content. Suddenly, sensor data from humans and objects can be utilized in
intelligent applications. We call this technology “Digital Twin.“ This solution
transforms a user from being a viewer into a director. User centricity is thus no
longer a buzzword. The digital twin provides the user with expanded
opportunities such as e.g. analysis, collective comparisons, shared chat, playing,
sharing pictures and opinions on social networks and presenting self-generated
content on content platforms such as e.g. Twitch.

We also connect the virtual worlds through our technology, for example virtual
reality and augmented reality. Your customers will be amazed at the opportunity
to additionally experience their event in the virtual world. TwinVision allows you
to provide exciting, meaningful and intelligent content to generation XYZ.
Together with our customers, we look forward to increasing the length of stay,
the entertainment value, and the attraction of events.



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We utilize data from sensors, such as e.g. position-, acceleration- and movement data from sporting events, and we set up a digital twin.


The result is content that is available anytime and everywhere on all common end devices. The user is his own director and he can view the event from his desired perspective.


Among others, we offer our technology to event organizers, media companies, racetrack operators, and driving technique centers that wish to increase entertainment value for their customers or that thereby seek to reach new target groups.


User centricity, mobile only and augmented reality are terms that characterize generation YZ. We generate content that fits that generation.


Virtual reality and augmented reality are no longer buzzwords. Digital twins allows these technologies to be used and permits users to dive into their event, experiencing the excitement as never before.


Extended functions such as e.g. integrating a game or an analysis tool, increasing the length of stay, and an expanded target group.

The Service

Location and inertial sensors, IoT, central data processing platform and 3D visualization are the necessary building blocks to set up a digital twin. TwinVision covers the entire spectrum of service. The module used depends on your requirements and technical availabilities.



  • Environmental Scan

    The space, the scene and the landscape must be digitalized. We use technologies for this that include a mobile 3D laser scanner or cm-precise GNSS –(global navigation satellite system) data.

  • Data Acquisition

    Movements by objects or people must be recorded. This is where precision is required. The position data must be available in the centimeter range. If these data are not available, TwinVision provides its own hardware with the required sensors, such as GNSS, acceleration- and movement sensors. If the data are available, we can easily integrate and use them.

  • Data Transfer & Processing

    Transfer of recorded sensor data to the central platform takes place via mobile communications (3G/4G). Or we connect your platform to ours. The sensor data are corrected, pooled and smoothed on the TwinVision platform. Only after that can the data be visualized.

  • Data Visualization

    TwinVision uses © Unity Technologies as the 3D engine. The visualization emerges here and thus the customer’s content. Once available, it can be presented on all common devices, on demand or live, anytime and everywhere.

The first product where we use the Digital Twin technology is in motorsport and is called RaceDirector Track Day. We address people who drive on race tracks in their leisure time. RaceDirector Track Day allows users to analyze and compare their recorded data in 3D. Further, this allows the RaceDirector users for the first time to be able to view their Track Day in endless perspectives.


Make your own opinion and just have a look at RaceDirector

The second product deals with the presentation of GPX data. With TrackExplorer any GPX file can be uploaded with or without timestamps. Afterwards you can view or compare the data in a 3D landscape. Currently TrackExplorer offers 6 different activities: Car, motorbike, kart, cycling, jogging, hiking and horseback riding.


Make your own opinion and simply try TrackExplorer.



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